Medicare Supplement Enrollment Periods

The Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment period is a specific window of time when you can enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan, without medical underwriting. You are guaranteed to be approved for a Supplement Plan during this time.

The Medicare Supplement Enrollment Period starts on the first day that your Medicare Part B becomes effective, and ends 6 months after your Part B effective date (on the last day of the 6th
month). However, if you are turning 65, most carriers will allow you to apply for your Medicare Supplement Plan as early as 180 days before your birth month. In this situation you will be eligible for an effective date as early as the first day of your birth month, as long as your Medicare Parts A and B will also take effect on the first day of your birth month.

It is very important to purchase your Supplement Plan within the Open Enrollment Period because during this time, you will not be required to do medical underwriting (answer health questions) in order to qualify for the Plan. After this window of time, if you want to apply for a Supplement Plan, you can still do so. However, you will have to answer several health questions, pass medical underwriting, and the carrier can choose not to accept your enrollment. Therefore, it is important to know these dates, and not miss this important window of time.

Exceptions to the Medicare Supplement Enrollment Period

For most people, the Medicare Supplement Enrollment Period occurs around the time they are turning 65, however there are a few exceptions. Some people may delay Part B enrollment because they will continue working, and stay on an employer’s insurance plan. When they decide to stop working, and enroll into Medicare, their Medicare Supplement Enrollment Period will start when they enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. Another exception is people on Disability. A person on Disability usually enrolls into Medicare early. This person will have an initial open enrollment period when their Part B takes effect. Then when they turn 65, they will have a second 6-month enrollment period.

What to do if you missed your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment

If you missed your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period, you could still try to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan, there is just no guarantee that you will get approved. The insurance carrier’s decision will be based on medical underwriting. If you don’t get approved for a Medicare Supplement, or if you want another option to cover the gaps of Original Medicare, the other option is Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage Plans are easy to qualify for because they have only one health question, which most people will pass. You could enroll into one of these plans during the Annual Open Enrollment Period. Medicare Advantage Plans are also usually less expensive than Medicare Supplement Plans, however they do have copays that need to be paid for most services, as well as specific networks of Doctors. However, this is still a better option than having to cover the gaps in Original Medicare entirely from your own pocket.

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