Which Medicare Plan is best for me?

We know that choosing the right Medicare Plan is not easy! There are many different options, and choosing the right path is important for your health and financial situation going into retirement. Let our Medicare experts help you narrow down the right path through a simple and streamlined process.

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) only covers part of your healthcare expenses. That leaves you to choose a plan to cover the rest of your medical expenses. The first choice you have to make is choosing between a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan.

A Medicare Supplement Plan will generally provide you the most comprehensive coverage with
the widest network of healthcare providers. A Medicare Advantage Plan will cost you less in a monthly premium than a Supplement Plan, however the trade-off is less coverage. You will be paying copays for seeing Doctors or going to a hospital, and you will have a much narrower network of providers that you can go to.

How to choose the right type of Medicare Plan for me?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing between a Medicare Supplement Plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan.

  • Your financial situation (healthcare budget) . If you go down the Medicare Advantage route, do you have enough savings to cover your out of pocket max in case of medical emergencies? Or do you prefer knowing you exact healthcare spend per year? In which case a Supplement Plan may be better for you.

  • The type of coverage that fits your needs. Do you prefer to have no restrictions on which Doctors and hospitals you can go to nationwide? Then a Medicare Supplement may be right for you. Or do you have a few Doctors that you plan to go to for the rest of your life? In which case an Advantage Plan that is in network with those Doctors could work for you.

  • Your location. The costs and coverage associated with Advantage Plans and Supplement Plans differ state to state. In certain states Medicare Advantage Plans have great coverage with low out of pocket maximum’s. In other states Supplement Plans may have lower monthly premiums than the same Plan in a different state. In which case this could be a better option when weighed against a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Your Medicare agent will help you compare and contrast each Plan’s features against your needs, to make sure you choose an individually tailored plan that is best for your situation.

Need more help from the Medicare Experts?

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